Hardness on display

Hardness is the property that gives Hardox its unique wear resistance. Hardox is hard enough to make it very difficult for the ‘edges’ of abrasive material to cut into the material, providing extremely long service life.

Hardox wear plate covers a hardness range from 350 to 700 HBW. A Hardox plate delivers the same wear resistance during its entire service life, since the hardness is consistent throughout the plate—and from plate to plate.

The Hardox wear stairs on display in the SSAB booth (#913) show how different Hardox grades deliver increasing wear resistance and service life, while at the same time reducing the weight of parts and products operating in wear-critical environments.

Visitors are welcome to bring their worst wear challenges and experience how Hardox wear plate, SSAB’s wear expertise and WearCalc software can provide longer and more productive service life for mining equipment. 

Toughness in reality

Toughness is the other unique property of Hardox. Toughness makes Hardox withstand heavy impact—for example when heavy rocks fall into a truck container—without cracking.

The toughness of Hardox wear plate is demonstrated in the new video “Hardox– the Impact Challenge” that premiers at MINExpo. It is demonstrating the impact performance of Hardox in the laboratory and in real life use and abuse.

Hardox wear plate, sheet, round bar and tubes

The variety of grades, formats and thicknesses makes Hardox suitable for a wide range of wear situations and wear resistant products.

Hardox plate and sheet comes in thicknesses from 22 gauge (0.7 mm) to 6 ¼" (160 mm), width up to 10.9" (3.35 m) and length up to 47.5’ (14.6 m).

Samples of Hardox plate, sheet, round bar and tubes are all on display at MINExpo.

Hardox Wearparts powers the mining business

At MINExpo Hardox Wearparts will be exhibiting wear parts and overlay solutions targeted at the mining industry. Hardox Wearparts is a worldwide network of service centers that specialize in wear solutions for hard and tough environments.

Introducing Duroxite, the latest in overlay technology

The new Duroxite overlay products from Hardox Wearparts will be revealed at MINExpo, offering product properties unique to the overlay market: Guaranteed thickness of the overlay, and guaranteed wear performance through 75% depth of the overlay.

For further information, please contact:

Ursula Egenhofer

Brand Manager Hardox® wear plate

Phone: +1 412 203 1620

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