The negotiations that SSAB initiated to reduce the number of front-line workers in Oxelösund applied to a maximum of 150 front-line employees. This is the last of the series of negotiations initiated in February this year.

The negotiations just concluded will result in the loss of 98 permanent front-line jobs in Oxelösund. The reductions will be carried out through redundancies, retirement and natural attrition. In addition to this, the number of temporary employees will be reduced by 85 persons.

As communicated earlier, the workforce will also be reduced by a total of around 50 office jobs in Finland and around 260 in Sweden.

These reductions are part of the cost savings program communicated earlier as result of the combination with Rautaruukki in July 2014, but also include further efficiency measures. Since the combination, the main focus has been on improving organizational efficiency and ways of working, and on capturing the synergies identified between the two companies.

For more information, please contact:
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Andreas Koch, Head of Investor Relations
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