SSAB was the first manufacturer to introduce 1100 MPa strip steel, allowing for new innovative design solutions to be realized. The new generation Strenx 1100 MC has improved properties and is now available in thicknesses between 3 and 8 mm.

Steel for strong, light, cost effective, and attractive crane design

Strenx 1100 MC gives crane manufacturers new opportunities to design telescopic or articulated boom cranes that are lighter, deliver higher performance, and are more cost-efficient for the crane operators.

The carefully controlled properties, improved elongation, impact toughness, and workshop behavior of Strenx 1100 MC ensure a safe move from the common 900 MPa level to 1100 MPa. Manufacturers can be confident that the finished crane will perform better and be more cost-efficient for the crane operators than previous versions.

Strenx 1100 MC is delivered with an exceptionally high surface quality. A smooth surface improves the steel’s resistance against fatigue. It also saves hours during the painting process, improves the visual appearance and makes it easier to keep the equipment clean.

Guaranteed tolerances

As with all SSAB grades, Strenx 1100 MC is manufactured from exceptionally clean steel. The production is inspected at several points to ensure that the steel complies with the rigorous quality requirements for mechanical properties and dimensions.

When designing with thinner steel, the thickness tolerances become increasingly important. Strenx 1100 MC is guaranteed to have considerably narrower thickness tolerances compared to the EN 10 051 standard.

Thickness accuracy is vital for making reliable calculations on strength and deflection of the boom, particularly the final narrow boom segments where the thinnest steel is used. Exact thickness is also vital for calculating the total weight of the crane, and for determining inertia forces when moving and rotating the crane.

Thanks to the advanced leveling method used by SSAB, Strenx 1100 MC has a flatness guarantee of 3 mm/m for cut-to-length sheets.

SSAB supports the upgrading

SSAB’s regularly assist customers through joint development projects in steel design and production methods, choice of materials, technical calculations, and workshop recommendations.

For information on how to best utilize the performance of Strenx 1100 MC, please contact:

Panu Pitkänen

Head of Product Group – Structural Steels

SSAB Special Steels

Tel. +358 20 592 9324

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