RDc casing SSABSSAB’s RDc casing tubes, with internal weld burr removed, are ideal for the use of drilling contractors. Applications include the drilling of artesian wells, thermal wells, anchors and horizontal drilling solutions (drilled casings for cable and pipelines under roads, railways etc.). The product lends itself to use both in single-family homes and large industrial projects.

Advantages especially when drilling through thick overburden

The new splicing technique significantly speeds up working and thus improves productivity. The end customer benefits from savings in time. Since the new splicing technique makes installation faster, there is less inconvenience to persons living and working in the vicinity of the construction site.

Highly pre-fabricated elements simplify working. Use of threaded RDc splices makes it easier to ensure the consistent quality of both the splicing and material. Use of threaded splices also reduces friction. Another benefit is the linear straightness of the tubes when spliced to each other.

Working conditions at job site improve since there is no need to use welding equipment, cables, etc. Since it is not necessary to weld the splices in job site conditions, any welding related errors are also eliminated.

SSAB developed the product in response to customer needs

RDc casing tubes are made in Finland from SSAB’s own high-quality steel. The steelgrade used in the tubes is excellent for conditions in the Nordic region.

”Thanks to development driven by customer wishes, SSAB is now able to offer an advanced alternative to welded splices. No welding at all is required when using RDc casing tubes since the tubes are joined by a threaded splice,” explains sales manager Oskari Sivula at SSAB.

RDc casing tubes are delivered as three-meter elements with both ends threaded. The tubes have been made from longitudinally welded SSAB Domex Tube Double Grade (S355J2H/S420MH) steel grade.

  Steel grade  Length  Tensile strength of splice  Bending strength of splice 
 RDc 140/5  S355J2H  3 m  260 kN  13.9 kNm
 S420MH  3 m  307 kN  16.4 kNm
 RDc 170/5  S355J2H  3 m  300 kN  20.0 kNm
 S420MH  3 m  370 kN  24.0 kNm

Good customer experiences from using SSAB’s new RDc casing tubes

Many customers have already used SSAB’s RDc casing tubes and have reported positive experiences.

Tom Allen Oy, a supplier of ground-source heat systems, is a founding member of Suomen Kaivonporausurakoitsijat ry – Poratek, an association of well drilling contractors in Finland, and is actively involved in the development of thermal well technology.

“We are convinced of the reliability and fast installability of the product and have switched over completely to using RDc casing tubes,” says Jonas Johansson at Tom Allen Oy.
KMH-Yhtiöt Oy carries out thermal and water well boreholes for ground-source-heat systems in northern Finland.

“We use RDc casing tubes because they save time,” says Mika Huttunen at KMH-Yhtiöt Oy.

Talman Energiaporaus Oy makes thermal and artesian wells in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and southern Finland.

“Drilling RDc casing tubes is very quick. Their threaded splices speed up work since all you have to do is rotate them into place and that’s it,” says Esko “Tumppi” Tuomala at Talman Energiaporaus Oy.

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