SSAB is now including a comprehensive, combined product portfolio on its website. The site has around 2.5 million visits annually and 80% of the visitors are looking for product information. To make the product information easy to find, the new website includes a Steel selector tool to enable product search and comparison.

The new site has been planned and optimized in response to customer needs and the content is based on in-depth customer interviews, survey results and user testing. Site usability and functionality have been key elements. Since people are increasingly using mobile devices to browse websites, the new site is responsive to mobile usage. Website information needs to be locally relevant so that customers caneasily search and filter information and find the right salespersons effectively. To answer this need, also country websites in local languages will be rolled out during the next six months. 

In addition to product information, corporate sections of the site provide an extensive overview of SSAB as a company to serve target groups, such as the general public, investors, jobseekers and media. The Investors section now contains all share-related matters in one place and uses real-time graphing tools. Newsroom brings together all topical material from different divisions grouped under appropriate tags to help findability. The new web also includes a comprehensive package of sustainability information supporting also SSAB’s vision of a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world.

For further information, please contact Kimmo Kanerva, head of digital marketing, +358 20 592 8803