High performance on construction sites means erecting buildings, halls, wind mills, bridges and similar components faster, which often means heavier single lifts. Your choice of steel for cranes and large lifting devices is vital; it must be able to withstand all the stresses while carrying the loads from the lift.

The stronger we can make the steel using a lighter design, the more payload you can load onto a crane truck. For example, cutting 500 pounds off the weight of a crane brings immediate, tangible economic benefit to your customers and to their customers because the driver of the truck can avoid multiple trips. 


Higher strength steels boost performance

That's why we at SSAB offer the highest strength steel grades, all the way up to 1300 MPa and with thicknesses up to 160 mm, so you can increase the performance of your cranes, booms and other lifting equipment.

Thanks to accurate manufacturing processes and steel-making expertise, the mechanical properties of our steel grades can withstand the extreme load conditions, day after day, in different types of cranes, booms and other lifting devices.

Strenx® high-strength steel from SSAB is often used for frame structures of mobile and commercial vehicles, for frames and booms of forestry vehicles, and crane arms and other lifting equipment and masts. It's easy to bend, weld and cut. And its high strength means that you can benefit from carrying more payload on your machines and equipment while reducing fuel consumption.