In line with the automotive industry’s expectations JCI supplier awardees are measured on Quality and Service, cost saving initiatives and social and environmental sustainability.

 “We at SSAB are honored to be recognized with a Gold Award by Johnson Controls for our performance. We deliver Docol high-strength steels for safety parts in car seating, which must be simultaneously strong enough to safely withstand impact in crash situations and light enough to meet vehicle weight reduction targets to improve environmental performance and reduce cost. We are proud that Johnson Controls values our quality and service but still humble enough to know that we can, and must, improve in the future to keep delivering innovative solutions to the economic and environmental challenges the automotive sector faces,” says Tony Harris, Vice President, Sales in SSAB Europe who accepted the award on the company’s behalf at the event held in Plymouth, US, on September 30, 2015.

“Our cooperation with SSAB started in 2000, when we started to use Docol steel grades. Since then, SSAB has continued to develop ultra-high-strength steels which fully meet new programs at Johnson Controls. In addition, SSAB delivers promptly and provides very good quality,” says Markus Cramer, Purchasing Manager for JCI Europe.

Johnson Controls provides world class seat systems and components that offer safety, functionality and comfort with proven quality and on time delivery. The company has 80,000 employees in automotive seating.

For further information please contact Tony Harris, Vice president, Sales, SSAB Europe, tel. +44 121 704 7329

Tony Harris, Vice President, Sales in SSAB Europe accepted the Johnson Controls’ Gold Award for supplier performance in 2015 together with Sören Madsen, Sales Director Automotive on SSAB’s behalf. Kelly Bysouth, Group Vice President, Global Purchasing, Automotive Seating is on the far right in the photo and Byron Foster, Group Vice President and General Manager, Product Group Complete Seat and Strategy is on the far left.