SSAB—the steel company manufacturing Hardox wear plate—is now opening a web store with products designed to match the quality of Hardox.

Steel usually has no personality. Hardox is the exception to that rule.

Hardox has earned its claim to fame by delivering extreme performance in the face of extreme challenges. This breeds a strong loyalty to the brand. People using Hardox know they have a better steel.

“Over the years we have been contacted by Hardox users and family members have been in touch—wanting to buy Hardox merchandise.

To support their choice, we are happy to announce the opening of the new Hardox web store.

The store offers a wide range of work and leisure clothes and merchandise for Hardox users—and for everybody else that wants to look like one,” says Jenny Kantelius, responsible for Visual Identity & Design at SSAB.

The Hardox web store can be visited at

Link to high resolution images here