SSAB, a world leading producer of high strength steel has successfully marketed its brands Hardox across the world. However, due to Hardox’s strong position in the wear plate market, more and more trademark infringements have been found in many countries, especially in China.

“We would like all our customers to be aware of the false Hardox wear plate available on the market, says Helena Stålnert EVP Group Communications. “The technical proprieties and wear performance of Hardox copies cannot compete with the genuine Hardox and we recommend that everyone purchase Hardox wear plate directly from SSABs official sales channels to be sure of its genuineness”.

The infringements violate SSAB’s intellectual property rights and harm the benefits of the users.

 “We have successfully taken legal actions against several of the infringers, says Helena Stålnert. This is a top priority for SSAB and we will continue with our efforts to fight this type of trademark infringement.”