The new high strength steels, Domex 900/960 and 1100, now make it possible for manufacturers to upgrade existing structures, while the new Domex also opens the door to entirely new design solutions.

– Our new Domex steels can, due to their high strength and thinner dimensions, compete with other light-weight materials,” said Johan Broback, global coordinator for structural steel at SSAB. Furthermore, our steels are extremely durable against wear as well as being easy to form and process.

Domex is well-known for its tight tolerances and more level surfaces – something the new steels naturally fulfill. The material’s excellent bending, cutting and welding abilities are also characteristics that vehicle manufacturers can take advantage of when new components are designed and constructed.

– Thinner material means less material to weld and cut, which brings increased productivity to the workshop that is using the material and manufacturing the product, said Broback.

Thinner steel and lighter structures also mean that the manufacturer can decrease both energy and material consumption. All of this contributes to an improved production economy and a more environmental friendly production.

With the recently developed Domex steels, the whole family now includes strength levels from 240 to 1,100 MPa.

– New design is often what’s needed to achieve the full potential of the new Domex 900, 960 and 1100 steels, said Broback. But customer opportunities have undeniably increased.