SSAB Shape was developed to be an excellent complement to innovative organizations. It cuts costs, increases efficiency, boosts competitive advantage and contributes to a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world. Through tailored solutions and a network with the world’s best competence in high strength steel processing, organizations can now maximize the benefits of high strength steel.

“Today’s business environment for OEMs and their partners is getting tougher and tougher with tighter margins and stricter demands from consumers. SSAB Shape is a refreshing offering that is the best way for key industrial segments to streamline their way of working, develop more innovative applications and have more time to focus on their core business activities,” explains Matts Nilsson, Director of Value Added Services SSAB EMEA.

Companies that take advantage of SSAB Shape can achieve a competitive edge not only through their choice of using high strength steel from SSAB, but also through a variety of benefits offered by SSAB Shape including:

  • Direct access to SSAB design solutions and steel processing expertise
  • Steel processing and pre-processing services that cut costs, avoid errors and obsolescence, while speeding up the production process
  • Component solutions with pre-processed and semi-finished parts as well as kits produced and delivered just in time
  • Ready-made tubes and profiles from a wide range of SSAB high strength steel
  • Tailored logistics and communication solutions including Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), EDI-communication and ERP-integration

Involving SSAB Shape is a fast way to upgrade to high strength steel from SSAB.

It includes extensive design support, customized product development, reliable tailor made logistics and stock services, as well as semi-finished and high-end processing of High Strength Steels, at top levels.

“At SSAB our goal is not only to quickly upgrade customers to the best high strength steel on the market, but also to stand behind innovative organizations and through close collaboration, give them the support they need to stay one step ahead of the competition. This means we offer support and services that makes us much more than just a steel company,” says Nilsson.

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