SSAB’s ongoing billion SEK investment project in the steel mill in Alabama is currently being brought into commercial operation. As a consequence, SSAB is creating 130 new skilled jobs in the Alabama region and its American business area, SSAB Americas, is taking a strategic step to strengthen its position within quenched steels on the North and Latin American market.

“We are constantly developing new steel products and innovative areas of use for steel, in projects involving close cooperation with our customers. This represents an important part of SSAB's strategy,” said Martin Lindqvist in his opening speech. “High strength steels save material and provide a longer lifespan and lower fuel consumption. These are qualities that are increasingly in demand as energy prices increase and environmental awareness grows.”

Martin Lindqvist also mentioned the Swedish Steel Prize, which is regarded by some as the steel industry’s equivalent to the Nobel Prize.

“I recently visited the American company John Deere, which won the prize in 2011. Their interest in cooperating with SSAB and developing new applications was very inspiring. Thanks to our close cooperation with customers and investments in increased quenched steel production capacity, we have a strong platform and are investing in the future,” concluded Martin Lindqvist.

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