The reasons cited for the prize being awarded to SSAB are as follows:
SSAB Tunnplåt in Luleå has engaged in systematic and long-term work environment measures in co-operation with the labor unions. This has resulted in an improved physical and psychological work environment and a significant reduction in the number of work-related accidents. The company regards a contented work force in a positive work environment as crucial for economic success and continues to work to achieve an even better work environment.

The award is based on the following criteria: low absenteeism, staff influence, sound psychological and physical environment, low number of work-related accidents and the company investing in health care and rehabilitation. During the year, the Dagens Arbete newspaper carried articles presenting the four finalist companies in detail. The three other finalists were Samhall in Hede, Södra Cell in Värö and Smurfit Kappa in Eslöv.

"We are extremely proud and pleased with this prize. We have worked very intensively on creating a safe workplace which is infused with a sense of well-being and pride in work. Our work environment efforts have been characterized by a major focus from all employees and very good co-operation between the company and the labor unions," says Stefan Enbom, Site Manager in Luleå.

One of the important reasons why SSAB's operations in Luleå have been named the winner is the clear focus on increased safety which has characterized the operations in recent years. Safety work is conducted in close co-operation with the labor unions. The very clear realization that a sound work environment, with safety and high level of well-being and pride in work being crucial for a good result, has been considered to be unique. SSAB's well-functioning health care activities, with SSAB's own sports hall, recreational activities for the employees and their families, as well as focused efforts regarding the work environment, ergonomics and health for all personnel mean, that SSAB enjoys something of a unique position in the work on being a healthy company.

"Healthy and skilled personnel with a sense of commitment, well-being and a pride in their work represent a company's most important asset. We possess these things at SSAB and, as head of the operations in Luleå, I am pleased and proud over the skills and commitment that our employees constantly demonstrate. This is based on the SSAB group’s major commitment as regards these issues, not least from our CEO, Olof Faxander," adds Stefan Enbom.