SSAB’s redemption programme has now been registered by the Swedish Companies Registration Office and just over 4.5 million shares will be redeemed for SEK 485 per share. Through the redemption procedure, in total SEK 2,205 million will be transferred to the shareholders. Payment for the redeemed shares will be distributed on 19 June. The average price for the redemption rights that were sold free of commission charges was SEK 1.80 for the Class A redemption rights and SEK 3.51 for the Class B-redemption rights, and payment was distributed at the end of May/beginning of June. The compensation amount for non-exercised redemption rights will correspond to the price received in conjunction with the commission-free sale of redemption rights. This compensation will be disbursed on or about 22 June. In addition, on 21 April 2006 the Annual General Meeting adopted a resolution regarding registration of a 3:1 share split. The record date for the split is 28 June. The last day for trading in SSAB shares prior to the split will be Thursday, 22 June. Commencing Monday, 26 June, the new, split shares will be traded on Stockholmsbörsen. At the same time, the trading lot will increase from 100 to 200 shares. After the redemption, a restoration bonus issue and the share split, SSAB’s share capital will amount to just over SEK 2,280 million, divided into 259,147,821 shares, of which 192,612,666 are Class A shares and 66,535,155 are Class B shares. Following the above measures, the quotient value corresponds to SEK 8.80. For further information, please contact: Martin Lindqvist Chief Financial Officer +46 8-45 45 732