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Digital collaboration through e-sourcing tools

SSAB procurement uses the SAP Ariba e-sourcing tool to register, assess & approve our suppliers & provide a shared collaboration online platform to send out inquiries and receive supplier offers.

It allows buyers and suppliers to exchange tender information in a safe, fast, fair and dedicated environment.

DocuSign is used as an electronic signature tool to sign SSAB procurement contracts. DocuSign is compliant with the European directive eIDAS and is used at SSAB outside of Procurement too. SAP Ariba & DocuSign help us at SSAB Procurement to ensure compliance with our corporate contract signing authorization rules.

By collaborating electronically to conduct our sourcing activities, we aim to increase efficiency in our tender process. That is why we expect our suppliers to respond to RFPs through SAP Ariba and to carefully go through requirements and specifications stated in the tender. Only invited suppliers will get access to the SSAB RFPs (i.e. those are not publicly available).

If you need help & support, we kindly ask our suppliers to first seek help in the supplier user guides provided below.

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Registration and login in SAP ARIBA


How to register as a supplier on SAP Ariba and connect with SSAB

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FAQ when registering for SSAB and logging in to SAP Ariba

Respond to an RFP

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How to respond to an RFP via SAP Ariba


FAQ when responding to an SSAB RFP

Keep your Ariba profile updated


How to update your Ariba profile and ISO certificates

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What to do if your current Ariba Admin has left your company