Trainee program in technical development

Every year, SSAB headhunts young graduate engineers for the company with the aid of a challenging trainee program that we call the Technical Development Program. Would you like to explore business operations in one of the world’s leading steel companies, collaborate with talented colleagues in new environments where you can actively work on projects that make a difference? If so, you’ve found the right trainee program!

SSAB is a leading global producer of Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS) and Quenched & Tempered Steels (Q&T), strip, plate and tube products, and solutions for the construction industry. In order to stay ahead of the competition, we actively share our knowledge internally. We also acquire new information outside the company by recruiting talented, recently graduated engineers to our technical development trainee program.

The trainee program lasts about 18 months. The content and number of participants varies, depending on the actual needs, as well as the ability and ambition of the participants. Participants do not have a permanent place or position during the program; instead, training takes the form of short blocks within specific technical areas and well-defined projects. The participants are supported by mentors and their performance is regularly evaluated.

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Trainee positions are usually advertised during the period December to March. The positions are published on this page.

The Technical Development Program in brief


What is SSAB’s Technical Development Program?

  • A Nordic trainee program for recently graduated engineers with an interest in technology
  • The program offers full-time employment for a period of about 18 months, with a total of four positions every year. The starting point is that employment takes place in either Sweden or Finland.
  • The program is divided into blocks, based on SSAB’s core technical areas: process, product and application development
  • The program started in 2013 and is run by SSAB’s global R&D organization
  • The program is certified by


What’s in it for me as a trainee?

  • A good opportunity to acquire an in-depth understanding of SSAB’s core business, experience different parts of the organization and meet a number of specialists and engaged colleagues within a short period of time
  • Customized program to match the participant’s competence and ambitions with SSAB’s needs
  • Continuous supervision and evaluation throughout the program
  • The opportunity to work at one or more of our production sites in Finland and Sweden
  • When rotating between production sites, SSAB takes care of accommodation
  • On successful completion of the program, the participant is offered continued employment somewhere within SSAB

Young professionals' stories

Anna Adolfsson

Hedda Pousette

Gunnar Broberg

Mattias Hägglund

Energy. It is all around us but still in short supply. Whatever we do, it is required. If not by our own sweat then by the machines we use like cars and home electronics.

Kati Hannila

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor who saves the world. Looking back, I realize this was not the easiest task – but who doesn’t want to save the world?

Oskar Thorstensson:

“I joined the Technical Development trainee program in August 2014. During the first two weeks I visited all the production lines in Oxelösund and followed the processes in the steel and rolling mill. This gave me a good understanding of how the raw material is transformed step-by-step into steel.

Since this induction, I have had 4 months of projects in the Knowledge Service Center in Borlänge, the Quench and Tempering Technology Center in Oxelösund and in Technical Support in Oxelösund. For a recently graduated engineer, it is really nice to see that SSAB is a company that focuses a lot on research.

I have got a really good overview of the company and its products, processes, vision and strategy. It has been inspiring to get to know many dedicated and skillful professionals, to whom I can turn and ask for advice in my future work. Of course, the program has also given me an insight into many potential functions and tasks, and put me in contact with potential future managers, which feels like a real luxury for a recently-hired employee.

I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to meet a lot of new people and see ongoing activities to further develop products, customer experience and market opportunities within the company. I am really impressed with the activities I have seen and been involved in so far. In future, I would like to gain more knowledge about metallurgy. I am a mechanical engineer and have limited knowledge about the inside of steel. Hopefully I will get the chance to visit the steel and rolling mills in Raahe, the tube mill in Hämeenlinna and, of course, the blast furnace in Luleå.”

Young man