Business Development Program

The program is a way for SSAB to recruit and develop managerial talent.

Business Development Program

What is the Business Development Program?
The Business Development aims to secure leadership and progress in SSAB’s important strategic projects, while recruiting and developing talented individuals to continue their career at SSAB. The program gives participants the opportunity to develop their leadership, work with problem-solving, presentation skills, communication and project management, and to build an understanding of the steel industry as a whole. Participants gain a broad understanding of SSAB’s business and build networks within the company.

What can a program setup look like?
In general, participants work with strategic projects on behalf of the Group Executive Committee, one of the divisions or the subsidiaries. As part of the company’s strategy function, they also work with SSAB’s overall strategic development. Participants experience a steep development curve and have the chance to work on exciting issues. The projects can to some extent reflect the interests of participants. Team days are included with inspirational lectures, knowledge-sharing between the participants in the program, etc.

How long does the program last?
Usually 2-4 years, but this varies depending on the individual’s results, how the projects develop and which positions currently need to be filled. Together with the individual participant, plans are drawn up for a suitable conclusion and a role that facilitates a continued, successful career at SSAB.

What kind of profile do you need to apply for the program?
We’re looking for talented individuals with a genuine interest in a career in the industry. Participants usually have a graduate engineering or economics background, combined with 2-4 years of work experience in a relevant role, e.g. as a management consultant or from a line function. You are analytical, curious, good at driving change and have an ambition to take on a senior position in the future.

When can you apply for the program?
Recruitment to the program takes place on an ongoing basis.

Interview with the head of the strategy and business development program, Viktor Strömberg

Meet a Business Development Program participant

Sofie Nilsson, a recent participant at the Business Development Program, will give you some insights about the program. Sofie is today working at SSAB in Luleå as department manager for Central Maintenance.

Johannes Borgman, Business Developer

“The SSAB Business Development program is firmly rooted in both the organization and its management, and you could say that our group is involved in all key strategic projects in one way or another. The information is challenging and the development curve is steep, I feel confident that the program opens doors to an exciting career progression within the company.”

Josefin Aspegren, Business Developer

“I think that one of the biggest benefits of the SSAB Business Development program is that it provides both depth and variety. Depth because we are learning the whole time about how SSAB and the steel industry work, and change because we get the opportunity to participate in strategically important projects within a lot of different areas. Hopefully, this approach also provides good opportunities for finding a suitable function in line with moving gradually forward.”