RD® micropiles

Drilled micropiles for drilling in difficult ground conditions

The micropiles may be drilled through all natural soil layers all the way into bedrock, with small deviations in position and inclination.


RD® micropiles are delivered either as pipes or as ready-made elements with threaded heads.

An RD® micropile comprises:
  • A bearing plate installed on the upper end of the micropile

  • An external threaded sleeve

  • Extension pipe (both ends are threaded)

  • Starter micropile (one end is threaded)

  • A casing shoe and reamer bit (in concentric drilling) at the lower end of the micropile

RDT – RD® micropile with threaded sleeve splice

RD® micropiles are spliced either by an external threaded sleeve or by welding. The advantages of a threaded sleeve are:

  • Reduced installation time. Less turns needed during splicing.

  • Identical sleeve for all available steel grade and wall thickness combinations in each micropile diameter where threaded splicing is available. Always right sleeve selected and less waste thanks to the possibility to use same sleeve in all job sites.

  • High-quality end result also in difficult installation conditions

The design is CE marked and meets all technical requirements for micropile splices. The tensile strength of a splice is guaranteed to be 50% of the compressive strength of the micropile.