RD® pile

Drilled RD large diameter piles (RD400–RD1200) are special piles installed by drilling in difficult ground and environmental conditions.

Piles consist of a longitudinally or spirally welded steel pipe. They may be drilled through all natural soil layers all the way into bedrock, with small deviations in position and inclination.


RD400–RD1200 piles are based on spirally welded pipe. 

  1. Spirally welded pile pipe
  2. Welded splice
  3. Casing shoe / ring bit


Splicing by welding

When piles are to be spliced by welding, they are delivered with the ends beveled for welding as ordered generally at an angle of 30 degrees. A groove may be machined in the welding bevel to serve as a backing for mechanized welding.