Paint coating

For harbor structures or for otherwise severe conditions, it may be beneficial to protect entire piles or parts of them with external coatings. SSAB delivers anti corrosion coated steel pipes with protective painting or triple HDPE coating. The protective painting will be performed with protective paint combinations in accordance with EN ISO 12944­5.
Preliminary treatment, implementation and control of the painting, and testing of the coating are performed as described in EN ISO 12944. Also, interlocking sections and steel sheet piles can be corrosion protected with protective coating.

Triple ­layer coating

The implementation and quality assurance of the triple ­layer coating are performed according to the standard DIN 30 670. In this solution, an epoxy film protects the pile from corrosion while a polyethylene film shields the epoxy film against damage. The triple layer coating can be applied to 10–18.1­ meter ­long pipes. Longer pipes are splice welded, and the joint is protected with joint coating.