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Active collaboration to serve end customers - High quality tubes speed up the production

March 08, 2021 6 min read

SSAB has been collaborating with Ateno for Tubular products since 2014. Over the years, delivery volumes have grown significantly and collaboration has deepened. SSAB currently supplies both hollow sections and precision tubes from tube mills. Products from precision tubes are further processed for use in, for example, mechanical engineering and the furniture industry. Parts of hollow sections are processed into parts of transport and steel construction. Ateno also makes forest machine parts from high-strength steels. In addition to tubular products, SSAB also supplies significant quantities of sheet and profile products to Ateno.


Over the years, SSAB has organized several technical trainings for Ateno's personnel. Close collaboration with SSAB's technical support has enabled Ateno to share information and answer end customer questions more quickly and easily. Kari Koivisto, Ateno’s Production Director, also praises sales. “Our sales contact Jukka Latvatalo is always available and if he does not have an answer to a question, he will find out the necessary additional information from other SSAB operations”.

“Collaboration with Ateno is based on strong mutual trust. We offer them the best tubular products on the market, from which they can manufacture top quality products for their customers.” Says Jukka Latvatalo, Sales Manager, SSAB.

"SSAB's tubes are the most cost-effective to cut. The high and consistent quality of the tube speeds up our production process"

Juhani Koivisto, CEO, Ateno

Ateno's versatile subcontracting solutions improve the productivity of all parties when parts do not have to be moved between different subcontractors, because the services needed by the customer can be provided comprehensively under one roof. Ateno tubular products can be laser cut, machined, welded and, if necessary, surface treated. By using SSAB's tubes, Ateno gets significant benefits from its production, “SSAB's tubes are the most cost-effective to cut. The high and consistent quality of the tube speeds up our production process. The quality must also be first-class for robot welding. We order pipe products from SSAB in custom sizes, which speeds up our production process and reduces waste,” describes Juhani Koivisto, CEO, Ateno. One of the key development goals of the moment is related to the environment; Ateno has applied for an environmental certificate that was adopted in January 2021. Ateno and SSAB will therefore also continue to work closely together on environmental issues, and one important common goal is to make the sector more environmentally friendly and even safer.


Ateno Oy is a company established in 1999 by brothers Juhani and Kari Koivisto. The company, with a focus on subcontracting and with operations in Evijärvi, South Ostrobothnia, currently employs approximately 95 people. Ateno Oy offers its customers high-quality, cost-effective laser cutting and bending services as well as the most modern tube profile cutting services on the market. Over the years, Ateno has grown from a shop with one waterjet cutting machine to a modern plant with some of the best machinery in the industry representing cutting edge technology.

In recent years, Ateno has invested in its operations widely. The company has, among other things, increased its production area by 3,000 m², expanded its welding facilities, and acquired several fiber lasers and plano-milling machines. However, the most important recent acquisition is the new tube laser MAZAK 3D Fabri Gear 400 lll which has transformed the company's tube laser operations. The latest machine was acquired to make the service offering more versatile and to support competitiveness and service security in terms of the further processing of SSAB's tube products. The tube laser can be used to cut up to 300x300 mm square tubes and 406 mm diameter round tubes, while the maximum thickness for structural hollow sections is 16 mm. This tube laser can be used to produce pieces that are 15 m in length. Ateno also has two smaller tube laser cutting machines, Trumpf Tube 5000 fiber tube laser and Trumpf Tube 7000 tube laser.

Ateno offers its clients modern tube profile cutting services. With its machine stock, the company can reduce the work phases in further processing or machining. Tube laser cutting enables making precise perforations, holes and notches on tubes and profiles quickly and efficiently. One of the best features available is 3D cutting. A turning cutting head enables cutting bevels on tube profiles. The maximum angle of machine-cut bevels is 45 degrees. It is possible to thread during the cutting process, making the turnaround time of parts faster.

About Ateno

Company established in 1999
95 employees
Turnover 26.8 M€
Production area 13,000m²
Location Evijärvi, South Ostrobothnia, Finland
New laser cutting machine: MAZAK 3D Fabri Gear 400 lll

  • 3D Cutting 45º
  • Max. Ø 406mm
  • Work piece 15m/15m
  • Max T= 20mm
  • Tapping unit M5-M12