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Enhanced FrameCalc and new FrameFEM designer tools

SSAB has released a new version of FrameCalc optimization tool where the solver is completely new. SSAB has also released new design tool FrameFEM convenient for more detailed analysis of tubular structures. Both of the applications in FrameX family are provided with web-based user interface designed for enhanced ease of use.

Enhanced FrameCalc

FrameCalc is an optimization tool for frames which solver engine SSAB has completely renowed. The new solver engine provides significant improvement to robustness and performance of the optimization process by enabling vast amount of analyses in reasonable time.


New FrameFEM

FrameFEM is a new tool for designers which provides easy way to analyze welded structural hollow section assemblies in 2D. The application is equipped with modern web-based user interface which provides enhanced ease of use compared to its predecessor Winrami. FrameFEM was launched in November 2023.

FrameFEM replaces the Winrami workstation application as the detailed design tool for 2d tubular assemblies


More capabilities with seamlessly interacting web-based applications

The new web based applications are designed to work seamlessly together providing easy workflow in concept and detailed design of 2D frames and trusses. The process provides significant save in time compared to old method where optimized result had to be exported and imported manually during design process.

The web based applications are always up to date and compatibility after new updates remain through the complete design process. Latest versions of the most used browsers like Chrome, Edge and Firefox are supported by both applications.

In web environment the calculation models are saved to server. Each user has own projects and models which amounts are not limited. In development pipeline we have a new feature which allows users to share copies of their models to other users and it is estimated to be published in near future.


FrameX workflow


Built in EN 1993 design rules

The applications provide built in EN 1993 design rules to make the use as convenient as possible for the user. The design rules cover for example stability and strength evaluation of members along with comprehensive welded joint analysis capabilities. In FrameFEM the results for each individual usage ratio and geometry constraint is referenced to Eurocode and the corresponding value is shown in user interface and report document.


FrameFEM formulas


Changes and updates for calculations

CO2 emission calculator is added to FrameCalc optimization tool. The calculator automatically suggests possibilities to save CO2 emissions when applicable by utilizing higher steel grades.


FrameCalc CO2


Free to use

Both applications are still free to use for everyone. Registration and login are required. User accounts registered to FrameFEM prior to 23rd of November 2023 do not work anymore in the new applications because the identity management was replaced by new version.

Programs can be found through following links:



Both of the applications can be found also from SSAB Tubular Design Tools, where you can find also PileCalc and PileWallCalc design tools.


More information on SSAB structural hollow sections

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