Hot-dip galvanized AHSS steels (HDG steel)

Often the most cost-effective method of adding corrosion protection to Docol® automotive AHSS steel is to specify zinc hot-dip galvanized steel (HDG steel) — which can be done immediately after cold rolling.

Hot-dip zinc galvanizing goes by many designations: GI (for VDA 239-100 standard), Z (for EN 10346:2015 standard), HDGI, and G (for the ASTM standard).

Formability of GI-coated AHSS

Hot-dip galvanized steel coatings are considered highly ductile since they can maintain their full corrosion protection even after been heavily formed (drawn). This is because the zinc coating is tightly bonded to the AHSS and because it has a low peeling tendency due to its low-friction surface.

Weldability of GI-coated AHSS

Hot-dipped galvanized AHSS steel can be welded using a variety of welding methods, including resistance, laser, and arc welding. Welding of GI-coated AHSS is very similar to the welding of uncoated (UC) AHSS. The thin zinc coatings only slightly increase the contact resistance of the components, requiring, in turn, only slightly higher welding current and electrode force.

Adhesive and mechanical joining of GI-coated AHSS

Your adhesive supplier will readily find a compatible epoxy, acrylic or polyurethane adhesive to bond to your AHSS component’s zinc coating. Considerations include the adhesive type, the need to remove any protective or pre-forming lubricants, and the joining conditions of your design. For mechanical joining, bolts, rivet tabs, and non-tabs can be used.

Docol hot-dip galvanized steel: HDG/GI/HDGI/Z/G coatings

Available on:

  • Docol Complex Phase grades
  • Docol Dual Phase & Dual Phase Tubes
  • Docol HSLA & HSLA Tubes

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