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Sustainability strategy

SSAB’s sustainability strategy supports the overall SSAB strategy. SSAB’s objective is to become one of the world’s most sustainable steel companies. In 2017, SSAB increased the company's ambitions for sustainability and set new long term objectives. By 2045, SSAB aims to be totally fossil-free.

Managing business in a sustainable way will increase the possibilities to deliver strong financial and operational result. SSAB summarizes our work in sustainability into three focus areas:

Sustainable offering

SSAB’s sustainable offering is our external value proposition, what we offer our customers and other stakeholders. The core of SSAB’s business is to develop and produce steels that are stronger than ordinary steels, which in turn helps our customers to produce lighter and stronger products, thus reducing their environmental footprint.

By using SSAB´s high strengths steels, customers can achieve significant CO2 savings during their end products’ use-phase. SSAB has set a target that these customer CO2 savings will reach 10 million tonnes annually by 2025, which equals SSAB´s direct CO2 emissions.

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Sustainable operations

SSAB focuses on operational efficiency to ensure our operations are as sustainable as possible. SSAB works for continuous improvements to minimize emissions, aiming for material and energy efficiency, while at the same time providing our employees a safe and secure workplace with opportunities for individual, professional growth.

SSAB is also moving toward developing a fossil free steelmaking process through the HYBRIT initiative, and eliminating other fossil fuel related emissions, with the target to be fossil free within the entire operation by 2045.

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Responsible partner

Contributing to the communities in which SSAB operates is an integral part of the way we do business. Acting as a responsible partner refers to how we manage risks and take responsibility for business ethics and our supply chain.

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