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Health and safety

SSAB strives to be the safest steel company in the world, with an objective to achieve zero accidents, work-related injuries or illnesses. Ensuring a safe and secure environment for our employees, contractors and visitors is our highest priority.

Safety in focus

Every SSAB employee has a personal responsibility to work safely every day; it is a fundamental requirement for working at SSAB. Occupational safety is an important part of how we operate, and it is integrated into our management system. 

In 2018, all SSAB employees are required to sign a safety pledge in which they commit to working safely. Signing of the pledge is accompanied by discussions about what safety personally means to them and what their personal contribution is to improving safety at SSAB. 

In addition to safety, SSAB focuses on preventive health and wellness to promote the overall wellbeing of employees. In order to achieve our objective of zero accidents, injuries and work-related illnesses, SSAB will do the following:

  • Ensure safety is an integral part of all activities and decisions throughout the company
  • Cooperate to prevent accidents and work-related illness by identifying, evaluating and removing risks
  • Systematically identify and eliminate the root causes of accidents and near misses which have occurred, with the aim of preventing them from happening again
  • Ensure that management and line organizations are responsible for occupational safety, assisted by occupational safety specialists. All SSAB employees are responsible for their own safety and for that of others in their working environment. Employees must interrupt and instruct colleagues and contractors when they take a risk or fail to comply with established safety rules. All work which is not performed safely must be discontinued
  • Ensure that all managers lead by example. They are responsible for the work environment and must serve as good role models
  • Ensure that all employees are provided with all necessary instructions, as well as the training and equipment necessary for facilitation of safe work methods
  • Comply with or exceed all applicable laws, regulations and SSAB requirements
  • Establish clear objectives and carry out regular monitoring to ensure that these objectives are fulfilled


Safety management in SSAB

To improve safety performance, SSAB has a company-wide group of safety experts and a safety management team. The safety management team consists of senior management of operations from all SSAB divisions, as well as subsidiaries Tibnor, Ruukki Construction and Merox. The safety management team is the decision-making body on safety issues relevant to the company. The team is also responsible for promoting a positive safety culture within the company. The main objective of the safety expert group is to share information on divisional safety programs, achieved results, best practices, information on serious incidents, and recommendations on preventive actions. The group also prepares company-wide safety initiatives to be decided by the safety management team. SSAB´s safety management system fulfills the requirements of international standard OHSAS 18001. 

SSAB’s key performance indicator (KPI) for safety is lost time injury frequency (LTIF). All divisions have annual safety (LTIF) targets and report monthly on safety performance to the Group Executive Committee. SSAB also follows up on the safety performance on all sites and at our contractor sites.


Every year, hundreds of employees from external companies work at SSAB, particularly in the areas of maintenance and repairs. Contractor companies are screened for strong safety practices, and partner companies work together with SSAB to ensure the safety of anyone working at an SSAB facility. SSAB also provides contractors with safety training sessions and discussion forums, in order to increase their safety awareness.


Providing a healthy working environment is fundamental for a high performing organization. SSAB takes a holistic approach to wellbeing at work and the quality of our employees working lives as well as ensuring a safe work place. Wellbeing is a joint responsibility between the employer and the employee facilitated by SSAB’s framework for healthy operations: 

  • Our Code of Conduct provides the framework for how we act and how we make our employees feel engaged and included
  • SSAB One, our management philosophy, allows us to improve, learn and achieve results that are built on everyone’s skills and contribution
  • A leadership that is built upon our manager criteria where the individual is recognized and feedback is essential
  • Regular employee surveys allow identification of both strengths and improvement areas and provide a solid base for planned actions of improvement
  • Occupational health care services
  • Monitoring sick leaves and ascertaining the reasons for them
  • Supporting a healthy lifestyle (exercise and other recreational activities)

For more information on how to be responsible and act safely - check out our Safety videos:               

Be responsible. Act safely. For yourself.

Be responsible. Act safely. For your coworkers and customers.

Be responsible. Act safely. For your family and friends.

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