Leading sustainability performance

Safety equipment

Safety first: Becoming the world’s safest steel company

SSAB is determined to be the world’s safest steel company, with the objective of achieving zero accidents, work-related injuries and illnesses. Everyone has the right to a healthy, accident-free work environment in SSAB. We will minimize, as far as possible, health and safety risks everywhere we operate.

Resource efficient operations

Resource efficient operations

SSAB is committed to minimizing any adverse environmental impacts from our operations. For SSAB, circularity is a key factor in increasing efficiency to help mitigate climate change.

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Responsible sourcing

SSAB has approximately 20,000 active suppliers in more than 60 different countries. Suppliers must comply both with SSAB’s standards and with international ethical, social and environmental guidelines in order to remain qualified suppliers for SSAB.


Zero tolerance for bribery and corruption

Anti-corruption compliance in business is important. SSAB has implemented clear instructions for our employees in order to guide us through our daily operations and how we act in relation to business partners.


High-performing organization

A key element of SSAB’s business strategy is to build a high-performing organization with strong employee engagement globally. SSAB will continue to work with leadership and competence development, and strive to enhance inclusion and diversity in the workforce.


SSAB in the community

SSAB actively engages with the communities in which it operates. SSAB contributes to, and supports, projects of importance to its employees, and acts as a responsible employer locally. SSAB maintains an open dialog with local politicians, government agencies, the media and the public with the aim of increasing general knowledge about steel and steel production.