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Leading Nordic supplier of steel, other metals and processing services


Tibnor supplies steel and other metals to industry in the Nordics and Baltics. Tibnor offers a complete range of steel, other metals and related processing services in line with different segment and customer needs. Tibnor plays an important role in securing SSAB’s leadership on the home market, where distribution channels constitute a major part of the Nordic steel market. 

Tibnor has built a strong brand through an extensive product offering and strong focus on value-adding processing services, as well as efficient logistics and customer service solutions. Tibnor’s presence and way of working in the Nordics and Baltics is unique and allows more efficient resource balancing between units in different countries.

Tibnor processes the materials - steel and other metals - before delivery to customers. Products delivered to the customer can be used directly without further preparation. Tibnor’s machinery and equipment is specialized in different materials, which enables it to meet very complex customer needs. Tibnor has three processing units in Finland, five in Sweden, three in Norway, as well as units in Denmark and Lithuania.

The distribution and processing business accounts for about 85% of sales, with direct mill supplies accounting for the remaining 15%.


Fast facts

Number of employees: Approximately 1,100
Sales in 2016: SEK 6,879 million
Share of SSAB Group's total sales: 12%
Share of SSAB Group´s total EBITDA: 4%
Head of Tibnor: Mikael Nyquist (1963), President

Customers and end-users

Tibnor’s customers are Nordic and Baltic industrial companies, for example manufacturers, OEMs and subcontractors, using steel and other metals in their manufacturing processes and/or end products.
Key segments are:
  • Subcontracting 
  • Engineering
  • Automotive, including heavy vehicles
  • Construction
 Tibnor has approximately 10,000 customers in the Nordics and Baltics.

Products and services

SSAB’s product range represents approximately 45% of Tibnor’s sales. Other producers’ commercial and special steel products distributed by Tibnor include engineering steel and long products, such as beams, merchant bars and hollow sections used for building purposes, as well as rebars for the construction industry. Stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, mainly aluminum and copper, account for approximately 20% of sales.

For the customer, outsourcing non-core competences to a professional, specialized processing partner means an ability to increase overall profitability and competitiveness. Customers save investment capital, improve production efficiency, increase flexibility, cut material wastage and can improve end-product quality.

As a steel distributor, Tibnor is a logistics expert with a well-established distribution system that works with different logistics flows. Logistics solutions range from 24-hour stock deliveries to individual material flows designed to meet customer needs. For customers, this means that materials are delivered at the right time and at the right quality. We can deliver within 24 hours. Delivery reliability is over 95% with just-in-time delivery on the promised day.

Tibnor also offers customers a variety of contact points and supporting service solutions depending on their needs and preferences. Customers can choose between using e-services, EDI, a webshop or personal service. This makes it easy for customers to choose materials, create their own offers, place orders, access documents or work with automated solutions. 


General market conditions and demand

Close to 55% of all steel delivered in the Nordic region is supplied through distributors. Value-adding services are of increasing importance for industrial customers, who increasingly seek to focus on their core activities.


Market areas and market share

Tibnor has a strong presence in the Nordic region, with Sweden accounting for about half of the sales, followed by Finland and Norway, both at about 20%, and then Denmark and the Baltics.

Tibnor has a share of around 20% of the Nordic distribution market.



  • Be a meeting point for Nordic and Baltic manufacturers and suppliers where our know-how and expertise and that of our customers and suppliers converge to create smarter solutions
  • Be customers’ and suppliers’ first choice by being a strong partner with a common way of working and running the operations throughout the Nordic countries
  • Win market share through the broadest product and service offering in the Nordics 
  • Continue development of value-added services through our extensive network of highly specialized processing units
  • Expand digital services to all countries of operation
  • Increase internal efficiency by making full use of competences, assets and buying power on a Nordic level



  • The best and most extensive network in the Nordic market
  • Highly skilled and professional employees with a drive for solving customer needs
  • Extensive product range and specialized processing services combined with logistics expertise, strong distribution network and modern customer service solutions 
  • Good delivery accuracy and short lead-times with services that help customers to improve their flows
  • Strong relationships with material suppliers to enable high-quality customer support regarding choice of material



Competitors include BE Group, Stena, Norsk Stål and Kontino, as well as a number of national local companies and niche players.