Leading supplier of steel, other metals and processing services in the Nordics

Fast facts

Tibnor distributes steel and other metals to the industry in the Nordics and Baltics, complemented by a wide range of value-adding processing and parts production services. Tibnor plays an important role in securing SSAB’s leadership in the Nordic home market.

Tibnor is committed to a successful and constantly evolving Nordics. Tibnor is a meeting place for Nordic manufacturers. As a modern distributor of steel and other metals, Tibnor’s role goes far beyond actual delivery.

Number of employees: Approximately 1,000

Share of SSAB Group´s total EBITDA: 6% (2020)

Revenue in 2020: SEK 8,241 million

Head of Tibnor: Kimmo Väkiparta (1965), President


Share of SSAB Group's revenue 13% (2020)

Market position

Tibnor’s strategy is to win market shares through the broadest product offering in the Nordics and to grow volumes in the parts business through a specialized network of processing units. In 2019, Tibnor acquired the steel distribution business of the Danish company Sanistål A/S, Denmark’s second largest steel distributor, in order to complete its Nordic footprint and establish the company as a clear market leader in all the Nordic countries. 

Market drivers

Distributors have an important role in the market and nearly 55% of all steel delivered in the Nordic region, around 4 million tonnes, is supplied through distributors. The manufacturing industry in the Nordic region is characterized by a high degree of exports, hence the status of the global economy is an important factor for demand.
Value-adding services and outsourcing non-core competencies to a professional, specialized processing partner are of increasing importance for industrial customers seeking to increase their overall profitability and competitiveness. 
Market position


With its steel service center and distribution network in the Nordics and Baltics, Tibnor is able to serve its customers with high delivery accuracy and short lead-times. Tibnor’s extensive product range and specialized processing services combined with logistics expertise and modern customer service solutions form a strong customer offering.


Tibnor’s strategy is to provide customers with the broadest offering at the most competitive price. The focus is to win market shares through growth in all customer channels, including parts volumes with a new, more efficient parts production setup and growing the digital channel share to 40%. With implemented synergies from the acquisition of the steel distribution business of Sanistål A/S in Denmark, and substantial cost savings implemented during 2020, Tibnor’s cost focus going forward is on purchasing and transport costs, as well as on further automation. These measures will allow Tibnor to leverage its market position and reach industry-leading profitability.


 Working in close collaboration with strategic suppliers and partners, Tibnor aims at being the center of smarter solutions, thereby strengthening Nordic industry.


Strategic initiatives and targets

  • Ensure good availability based on customer needs
  • Implement cost savings measures in external purchasing and transport costs
  • Reach an EBITDA margin of more than 5% in 2022
  • Reach a ROCE of more than 15% in 2022

Tibnor’s role in SSAB’s portfolio

  • Strengthen home-market position by targeting small and medium-sized customers 
  • Increasing stability over the business cycle 
  • Support and market SSAB steel business’ premium and service offerings  
  • Develop the parts business and other processing to increase value added 
  • Offer superior customer experience (24h lead time and >95% delivery accuracy)
Customers and end users

Customers and end-users

Tibnor has approximately 10,000 customers in various industries in the Nordics and Baltics. Customers range from large OEMs to small and mid-size industrial companies who use steel and other metals in their manufacturing processes and/or end products.

Key segments are the following:

  • Subcontracting
  • Engineering
  • Automotive, including heavy commercial vehicles
  • Construction

Products and services

SSAB’s product range represents approximately 50% of Tibnor’s sales. Other suppliers’ products including engineering steel and long products (e.g. beams, merchant bars and hollow sections) represent approximately 33%. Stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, mainly aluminum and copper, account for approximately 17% of sales.

Tibnor is a logistics expert with a well-established distribution system that works with different logistics flows. Logistics solutions range from 24-hour stock deliveries to individual material flows. Tibnor also offers a variety of customer contact points and service solutions, for example e-services, EDI (electronic data interchange), Webshop or personal service.

Tibnor processes all product groups supplied to the market. Tibnor’s machinery and equipment in the steel service centers are specialized in different materials, which enables Tibnor to meet very complex customer needs. Tibnor has three processing units in Finland, five in Sweden, three in Norway, as well as units in Denmark and Lithuania. 


BE Group, Stena Stål, Norsk Stål, Lemvigh Muller and Kontino, as well as a number of national local companies and niche actors.