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Contact prefabrication services

SSAB Swedish Steel SAS

13, rue Madeleine Michelis - 92200 Neuilly sur Seine

Direct phone: +33 1 55 61 91 00

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SSAB Swedish Steel S.p.A.

Via G. Di Vittorio, 6 - 25016 Ghedi (BS)

Direct phone: +39 030 9058811

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Emmanuel Chevet

VAS Manager - SSAB Shape

Mobile phone: +33 671 579 165

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Mats Ekberg

Account Manager

Direct phone: +46 243 760 25

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Per-Olof Kull

Technical Project Manager - SSAB Shape

Mobile phone: +46705681958

Direct phone: +4624371397

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Thomas Pettersson

Sales Manager Metal Coated & SSC SSAB Europe

Mobile phone: +46705388523

Direct phone: +46243-76049

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Raymond Rautenbach

Value added Service Manager - Sub Sahara Africa

Mobile phone: +27 82 302 9486

Direct phone: +27 11 724 50 53

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Carlos San Juan

Proposal and Design Engineer

Mobile phone: +34 620473235

Direct phone: +34 913 005422

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Carina Siapsiowski

Value added services - inside sales and customer support

Mobile phone: +33 6 64485415

Direct phone: +33 1 55619105

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Peter Svensson

Account Manager

Direct phone: +46 243 760 23

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Sylvain Thibault

Operations Manager / Directeur des opérations

Mobile phone: +1 514 984 6708

Direct phone: +1 450 633 5039

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Sylvie Volanschi

Technical Development Manager

Mobile phone: +33 6 4562 7601

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Steel service center slitted coils

Prefabrication and processing at our local service centers

Steel service center

Predictable productivity. Reduced risk. Why not rely on one trusted partner for your steel products and complete processing services?

With our extensive network of local service centers around the world, SSAB provides prefabrication and steel processing services so you can focus on your core business.

Our service centers can supply slit coil, cut-to-length plate and other formats according to your specifications.  This way, you can  improve production efficiency, cut material waste and improve end-product quality. And with quick and efficient delivery, it all adds up to less waste and measurable savings for your business.

Tailored steel services + solutions - SSAB Shape

SSAB service center capabilities

For applications like containers, tippers and silos, traditional sheet sizes normally require significant welding during fabrication. But with prefabricated, laser-welded tailor blanks made from Strenx™ and Hardox® steels, you can gain significant cost reductions.

SSAB supplies laser-welded tailored blanks up to 4 meters wide and 20 meters long.

Laser Welding


 Maximum length
20 000 mm
 Maximum width
4 000 mm
 Maximum thickness
1-8 mm
 Standard ISO 3834-2 , EN 15085-2

Advantages of laser welding:

  • Different steel grades, thicknesses and strengths can be welded - sheets with different thicknesses can be joined together with a maximum thickness difference 50% thinner sheet.
  • More freedom in design of final product.
  • By combining laser welding with large-format laser cutting, we can provide prefabricated parts for large applications.
  • Time and money savings.

By using a wide range of high-end machines, we can supply prefabricated parts of advanced high-strength steel with narrow tolerances made out of plate, sheets, tubes and profiles.

Shape Cutting


As specialists in forming advanced high-strength steel, we use several methods to meet your needs for prefabricated formed parts.



Roll forming

Our roll-forming lines can provide customized profiles in high-strength steel to support your high-volume production.

Sweden: Köping, Gothenburg, Lanna
Finland: Raahe, Seinäjoki, Toijala, Hyvinkää
Russia: St.Petersburg
Poland: Oborniki, Zorawina
Netherlands: Maastricht
Italy: Ghedi
Canada: Vancouver, Montreal
Chile: Santiago
South Africa: Johannesburg
China: Kunshan
Singapore: Singapore

SSAB Shape - steel service centers
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