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16 Mar
The hard and tough facts about the steel in your recycling equipment Hardox® wear plate: The hard core in recycling equipment
Recycling creates some of the toughest operating environments for equipment and machinery components. On any given day, machines might grapple with extreme loads, dust contamination, falling debris and temperature fluctuations. And lots of these workhorses are in sore need of that tender loving care called proper maintenance.
14 Mar
Aesthetic architecture
GreenCoat and SSAB Weathering can both be used as cladding for façades to cover all or parts of buildings. GreenCoat, currently the greenest color-coated steel on the market, can be found in award-winning architecture and is also made for roofs, rainwater systems and indoor solutions. SSAB Weathering is often used in art installations due to its unique look.
9 Mar
US steel tariffs have twofold impact on SSAB
US President Donald Trump has announced that a tariff of 25% will be imposed on steel being imported into the US. SSAB CEO Martin Lindqvist comments on the introduction of steel tariffs in the US: