SSAB supplies innovative architects and building companies around the world with sustainable steel solutions and promotes their use in buildings. The Longhouse, a historic-industrial styled private residence in the Netherlands, designed by Rick Eijsbouts from Architecten Studio-pls, is a good example of this goal.

GreenCoat® color coated steel was chosen for the roof of the uniquely designed Longhouse due to a number of reasons. One of them was the ability to create sharp lines that match the wooden façade, for a very graphical house. Other reasons were proven long-lasting durability as well as sustainability.

Utilizing sustainable solutions was a key requirement from the owners of the Longhouse,” said architect Rick Eijsbouts. “They chose to have solar panels installed, among other things, and the use of sustainable GreenCoat® steel fits very well into this theme. Furthermore, we were not allowed to use zinc because of corrosion and ground water contamination, but that would have been a more expensive and a less sustainable solution anyway.”

GreenCoat® color coated steels use Swedish rapeseed oil in the coating instead of fossil based oils, making them the greenest steel on the market for exterior building applications. Additionally, they are also strongly resistant to corrosion, UV radiation, buckling and scratches.

The seamed profiled roof was manufactured by SCH Holland who liked the easy handling and good formability of the chosen GreenCoat Pural BT, which contributed to a smooth build.

“We used GreenCoat Pural BT for the Longhouse in our KlikFels system, a pre-fabricated profiled sheet for roofing, where the steel is processed through a number of profiling stations,” explained SCH Holland, Managing Director Arjen Peek. “GreenCoat® products are very easy to manufacture and provide an outstanding end result.”

The Longhouse was recently featured on the popular home and garden program BinnensteBuiten on Dutch TV and was nominated for the 2017 BNA Building of the Year Award.


-          The Dutch Longhouse was nominated for the 2017 BNA Building of the Year Award and featured on the Dutch TV series, BinnensteBuiten.

-          Sustainable GreenCoat® color coated steel was used for the roof of the Dutch Longhouse due to the ability to create sharp lines for a very graphical house.

-          Rick Eijsbouts, from Architecten Studio-pls, Eindhoven/Netherlands, chose to work with sustainable GreenCoat® color coated steel for its durability and low impact on the environment.