“Lilla Integralen” is an elegant semi-detached house with four apartments on three floors and a roof terrace. It is located in the newly constructed residential district of Vallastaden in Linköping, Sweden. The first phase of the housing project in Vallastaden resulted in 1000 homes being built by 40 different architects.

Inspired by old industrial buildings, Lilla Integralen features a distinctive shape utilizing a sinusoidal profiled façade made from premium GreenCoat® color coated steel in the color Metallic Silver. The Metallic Silver color was chosen to create beautiful light reflections in the relatively densely populated neighborhood of Vallastaden.

Sandellsandberg Arkitekter chose GreenCoat® specifically for its color consistency as well as strong resistance to corrosion, UV radiation and scratches, which will help ensure a building that lasts for many generations. Their decision also came down to sustainability.

“Architecture today is not just about design, it is also about creating sustainable societies and a better world. Therefore, we must try to find different sustainable solutions,” explains Thomas Sandell, Sandellsandberg Arkitekter. “Choosing sustainable GreenCoat® color coated steel felt obvious when looking for a long-lasting, premium building product that is also environmentally friendly.”

In addition to high performance and aesthetics, most GreenCoat® products feature a Bio-based Technology (BT) coating using a substantial amount of Swedish rapeseed oil instead of fossil based oils, which are traditionally used. This patented coating technology is currently the only one of its kind on the market.

As recognition of its unique design, “Lilla Integralen” has been shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival (WAF) Award 2019 in the category “Completed Buildings: Housing”. The building was also nominated for the Swedish Plåtpriset 2019.

The winner of the WAF Awards 2019 will be announced at the World Architecture Festival taking place December 4-6 in Amsterdam.

Photo text:

  1. Thomas Sandell chose GreenCoat® steel for the façade of Lilla Integralen due to its sustainability, durability and aesthetics.
  2. The distinctive sinusoidal profiled façade of “Lilla Integralen” is made with GreenCoat® steel in the color Metallic Silver.
  3. The elegant, yet playful “Lilla Integralen” was inspired by old industrial buildings. It is nominated for the prestigious World Architecture Festival (WAF) Award 2019.  

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