The University Steel Prize has grown to become a prestigious award, and winning is a great way to make your CV stand out from the crowd. If you’ll need one after attending the event, that is.

Students can apply to the University Steel Prize with a design study, a production method, a concept or an upgrade of an existing product that include high-strength steel. You do not have to have a physical product; all you need is your innovative idea.

Winning the prize means not only the great honor and SEK 20,000 in cash, you will also be invited to an event filled with inspirational seminars and interesting discussions. There is a big chance that you will find your future employer!

Last year over 800 people from all over the world gathered in Stockholm for the Swedish Steel Prize, that takes place at the same event as the University Steel Prize. The winner of the prize will also be able to present their project on the main stage during the event. The date for the event and winner ceremony is May 24, 2018.

We have the possibility to invite up to six people to Stockholm and the ceremony, but you can apply even if your whole class has been a part of the project. We will pay for your trip to and from Stockholm and your stay in a comfortable hotel in downtown Stockholm.

Through the years we have seen product upgrades, methods, concept and design studies that have inspired the jury and sparked further research and product development.

Take this chance to shape your future the way you want it!

Apply before April 1, 2018. See more details by clicking the link below.
Apply now for University Steel Prize 

For further information, please contact:
Linda Petersson, chair of the University Steel Prize jury, [email protected]
Anna Rutkvist, project manager, University Steel Prize,
[email protected]