“With the goal to ‘build a car, race a continent and compete with the world’, JU Solar Team from Jönköping University has set the standard for the next generation of product developers. To succeed in their quest to cross the Australian continent and cover 3,000 km using only solar power, a lightweight structure was essential,” says SSAB’s Linda Petersson, chairman of the University Steel Prize jury.

Replacing carbon fiber with an optimized design utilizing high-strength steel resulted in a chassis and body weight reduction of more than 35%.

“With a management team of 8 and an engineering team of 17, JU Solar Team created an innovative solution by working together. For their commitment and ability to pursue new solutions, JU Solar Team is the winner of the University Steel Prize 2017,” Linda concludes.

The University Steel Prize is a steel award for all students around the world, challenging students to come up with new, innovative ways to use high-strength steels. Through the years we have seen product upgrades, methods as well as concept and design studies that truly have inspired the jury. JU Solar Team is the 5th winner of the University Steel Prize.

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