SSAB is always in search of innovative architects who work with sustainable materials in their buildings. Recently, SSAB partnered with Utopia Arkitekter, based in Stockholm, Sweden, who wants to build a trekking cabin in the mountains with a strong sustainable angle – the Skýli.

The Skýli roof will be made from GreenCoat® color coated steel. It is currently the only product on the market using Swedish rapeseed oil in the coating instead of fossil based oils, making it the greenest steel for exterior building applications. 

“Skýli is designed for pristine environments where sustainable development is of the highest importance. Materials need to be eco-conscious, while also resistant to extreme weather, which is one of the reasons we decided to choose GreenCoat steel for the roof,” explains Mattias Litström, from Utopia Arkitekter, Stockholm. 

The WAF shortlisted design reflects Nordic identity with modern, sustainable and highly functional solutions for providing shelter to hikers and their guides. A brilliant blue color for the roof was chosen to represent the Nordic light and ensures that Skýli is visible in the landscape.

Skýli, combines four sharply pointed pyramidal shapes into a very strong, durable, safe and stable structure. The triangular gables resemble a classic tent, the most basic shelter used by trekkers worldwide, while the large windows create transparency, so that the landscape is always present to those inside.

“The original concept was developed to be easily transported to remote locations, therefore, utilizing lightweight materials is very important. GreenCoat is able to offer the benefit of low weight, while remaining very durable,” explains Litström. 

Besides offering Swedish rapeseed oil in the coating, which reduces a building’s environmental footprint, GreenCoat color coated steel also delivers extreme durability, resistance to corrosion and scratches, and has long color retention. Furthermore, it provides building specifiers with a significantly lighter material compared to alternative solutions. GreenCoat steels have a low temperature elongation to guarantee a clean look without buckling or deformation, for years to come.

The winner of the WAF Awards will be announced at the World Architecture Festival taking place November 15-17 in Berlin, Germany. In 2016, Henning Stummel’s “Tin House”, with its red roof and façade made from GreenCoat PLX Pro BT, was also a WAF Award finalist.

Photo text:

-The brilliant blue roof of the Skýli will be made with sustainable GreenCoat® steel.

-The use of GreenCoat® steel with Swedish rapeseed oil in the coating was chosen for its sustainable aspects, low weight and high durability.

- Mattias Litström and Utopia Arkitekter, Stockholm are shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival (WAF) Award in the category “Leisure-led Development - Future Projects” for the Skýli design study. 

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