A user-friendly, stronger and lighter steel

Like all crane manufacturers, Effer is always looking for lighter and stronger materials. Weight is a major consideration when they develop a new model, especially for end users, since the cranes are installed on trucks. Effer needs to continuously develop lighter, stronger cranes to compete successfully in the crane market.

Effer had been using Strenx® 1100 from SSAB. Although they were pleased with it, they really wanted a steel that was even stronger yet still retained all the characteristics that make Strenx® easy to work with. They challenged SSAB to come up with a solution.

Strenx® 1300 meets customer requirements

The project team from SSAB first sat down with the Effer product and design team to determine exactly what they wanted, and then it was back to Oxelösund, Sweden to start work on the steel. Although it took time to develop the steel, the SSAB project team knew right from the start exactly what Effer was looking for.

By 2005, the SSAB project team had developed a product they were happy to send for testing. Effer was just as pleased and started to design a new crane with Strenx® 1300 once they had completed the tests.

Customer-driven product development drives innovation

Effer uses Strenx® 1300 because it is the only type of steel that can take the strains put on its cranes while still being light and easy to bend and weld. Crane manufacturers constantly face the challenge of having to develop new sections in their designs that best utilize the properties of new products, and this is where SSAB can help.

”In my opinion, SSAB is one of only a few companies in the world that can give the sort of information we need in helping us develop new sections and using new materials properly. SSAB has helped us reach our objectives,” says the product marketing manager at Effer.

Along with Effer, 10 other companies are eagerly testing Strenx® 1300 for use in their products.

*Formerly called Weldox®