"Our offering to the customers will become clearer and we will bring together experience and expertise in a better way," says SSAB’s CEO, Olof Faxander. The new structure will consist of three geographic business areas: one for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, called SSAB EMEA; one for North and Latin America, called SSAB Americas; and one for Asia, Australia and New Zealand, called SSAB APAC (Asia and Pacific). Until now, SSAB has been organized based on both manufacturing processes and geography in the three divisions, SSAB Plate, SSAB Strip Products, and SSAB North America. This structure will better support SSAB’s strategy and the aim of reaching 50 % niche products in the deliveries by 2015. “We can secure our strong positions in Europe and America, while at the same time maximizing the development potential which we see in Asia," says Olof Faxander. The new business areas will be led by: SSAB EMEA: Martin Lindqvist, currently Head of Division, SSAB Strip Products SSAB Americas: David Britten, currently Head of Division, SSAB North America SSAB APAC: Martin Pei, currently Executive VP, Technical Development. These three will be members of the Group Executive Committee. A new Group Executive position is also being established, as Head of Market and Business Development. This position will be held by K-G Ramström, currently Head of Division, SSAB Plate, who will also take up the position as head of sales and marketing in SSAB EMEA. Presentation of the new Group Executive Committee in the appendix.