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SSAB’s Global Customer Portal

The Customer Portal operates as a digital hub where customers can manage their business with SSAB and find the information they need in a simple, efficient way.

In the portal, you can track your mill orders, search for stock materials and confirm stock availability directly with your SSAB Sales representative. In addition, you can search and download material certificates associated with your orders.

We are continuously working on improving the portal functionality with more highly useful functionalities, such as retrieval of order confirmations, invoices and transport documents.

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How to start using the Customer Portal

If you are a customer of SSAB already, please contact your sales representative, who will help you to set up a user account.

If you are new to SSAB and do not have a sales representative yet, you can register as a user of the limited version of the portal. You find the registration form on the Customer Portal’s login page.

We hope you’ll enjoy our new digital global platform!

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SSAB Customer Portal

A better way to manage your business with SSAB! Find available stock in your proximity and confirm the availability with your SSAB Sales representative directly within the portal. Here you can also search and download material certificates related to your orders.

If you’re new to SSAB and curious about our offering in your region, you can access a limited version of our Customer portal via the self-registration form on the login page.
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Material Certificates

Search and download material certificates related to your mill and service center deliveries.

This service covers certificates for deliveries from Finnish mills and Steel Service Centers in Finland, Poland, Russia and Turkey.
If you don't have a user account, please register here.