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Fassi heavy-duty cranes, lighter weight with Strenx® steel

October 26, 2022 6 min read

Fassi heavy-duty crane in Strenx® steel

Case details

Country Italy
Company Fassi
Industry Lifting

Learn how crane manufacturer Fassi gets more lifting power and extended reach while lowering dead weight with high-strength Strenx® structural steel in its heavy-duty loading cranes.

Case details

Country Italy
Company Fassi
Industry Lifting

Why does Italian Fassi Group, one of the world’s largest loader crane manufacturers, use so much Strenx® steel in its heavy-duty crane, the F1450R-HXP TECHNO? Well, Strenx® provides the crane with more lifting power, compact dimensions when folded, and an extended reach compared to comparable cranes in the 119 tm class. The body weight can also be reduced with the advantage of more payload on the truck bed.

The Fassi F1450R-HXP TECHNO loader crane is the first model in their heavy-duty crane line with completely redesigned structural steelwork and electronics. Whether for the crane outriggers or the complete jib system, Strenx® strip and sheet steel grades Strenx® 900 to Strenx® 1100 were used throughout the crane.

“Cranes without compromise” – less material, more strength

Depending on the starting conditions, Strenx® can allow designers to save 20%, 30% or even more in steel weight while still achieving better performance and longer equipment lifespan.

Fassi’s engineers specified thinner steel dimensions for their heavy-duty crane. The results? Increased load capacity, maximum possible boom length, and an innovative knuckle boom crane that can be mounted on 4-axle trucks. By leveraging the high strength of Strenx® structural steel, the weight reduction helps to lower the dead weight of the crane. This plays a major role in improving the overall performance of the crane and vehicle package. It enables Fassi to stay true to its motto, “Cranes without compromise”, and achieve three goals: to lower fuel consumption, realize operational cost savings, and lower environmental impact through less CO2 emissions.

Strenx® steel in lifting equipment is designed to be used in areas where structural strength and weight reduction are key competitive factors.

Towards fossil-free steel production

A truck body that weighs less means more capacity for payload or less moving mass when driving empty, and thus potentially reduced fuel consumption as an extra environmental benefit when using Strenx® steel today. And in the near future, SSAB intends on eliminating emissions from the use of fossil fuels in its own steel production. So you can get the same high-performing steel while lowering your environmental footprint.

Strong partnerships and local support for operators

Since Strenx® is designed for areas where structural strength and weight reduction are key competitive factors, the research and development unit at Fassi, in partnership with SSAB, worked together to co-engineer new applications with highly advanced mechanical solutions.

Fassi appreciates SSAB’s expert support, which involves recommendations for high-strength steel grades, welding, forming and tooling recommendations, and advice on production processes. And their customers not only like the products, but the local support they get.

“Besides a powerful crane, reliable local service was also important to us,” explains Jörg Meyer, a buyer of Fassi’s cranes. “Our local vehicle builder was a dedicated partner by our side right from the start. While the crane was still being mounted on the truck, we were able to submit and implement the last adjustment requests. As a construction company specializing in timber construction, the renovation of old buildings and roofing work, we also have to offer our customers a comprehensive service package, so we appreciate this partnership.”

Strenx® steel provides extended reach over comparable loader cranes in the 119 tm class.

The F1450R-HXP TECHNO crane, mounted on a Volvo truck, sets new standards in the 119 tm crane class.


  • Extended reach over comparable loader cranes in the 119 tm class
  • Reduced body weight, and lower dead weight
  • More payload possible on truck bed
  • Steel’s high yield strength allows for thinner plate to be used and less steel overall
  • Lighter vehicle requires less fuel when driving empty, also providing environmental benefits


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