The advantages of cold-rolled open profiles over hot-rolled beams

When you need stronger yet lighter steel profiles with tight tolerances, dimensional accuracy, straightness, cold-rolled open profiles from SSAB can make a better option than hot-rolled profiles. Here’s why.

Exact dimensions and straightness

Cold-formed profiles are made from coils that have tight thickness tolerances. Cold forming is a continuous process that results in tolerances suitable for applications requiring technical precision. Tolerances in all steps of the process are monitored regularly. Steel profiles produced through cold-rolling stay true to the dimensions you require and are straighter, with well-defined edges and corners. In the best case, you eliminate the need for straightening.

The dimensions of our cold-formed open sections are consistent from batch to batch, minimizing the need for adjustments in further processing.


Stronger yet lighter profiles, many grades to choose from

A cold-formed open section is generally lighter than a hot-rolled profile yet offers the equivalent bending strength. So, you can reduce the steel thickness and make your final product lighter and stronger with an optimized shape. This can also lower the environmental footprint of your structure.

Your choice of material is limited only by the choice of steels available in coils. You can increase the yield strength to 900 MPa or even choose weathering steels for your structure. By choosing the best steel grade quality, you can make a huge impact on the weight of the entire structure.


Improved surface qualities

Our cold-rolled open profiles have a smooth, finished surface quality that speeds up surface treatment. SSAB’s steels are pure micro-alloyed and designed to withstand extreme conditions. They also have excellent machining and welding properties.


Get the right shape, size and strength

When using cold-formed open sections, you can choose the shape with the best strength and dimensions that best fit your application. The shape can make all the difference in improving the function and usability of your product. SSAB can support you as early as in the design phase, and with our wide range of steels you’ll get the versatility you need to select the best open steel profiles, whether you’re looking for high-strength or weathering steels.


Cut waste on your next project

Reducing waste and splice welding makes sense in steel fabrication. This can be easily done by ordering the necessary lengths. By choosing a product that is optimized for your application in the right length, possibly perforated, you get a finished component in your hands – no need for time-consuming further processing.

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