Rolling stock that lasts longer

Railway vehicles in SSAB Weathering steel are strong, hardwearing, take higher payloads and are relatively light compared to vehicles made from conventional steel. Add the corrosion-resistant properties and the rolling stock will have exceptionally long service life with low maintenance costs.

Regional passenger train

Regional passenger trains

As passenger trains start and stop frequently, a lighter vehicle saves energy during the entire lifecycle.


High-strength SSAB Weathering steel can replace basic stainless steel grades such as 1.4003 as it is more cost-effective and easier to weld and bend.

Freight wagon

Freight wagons

Wagons with high-strength and weather-resistant steel take more payload, have good dent resistance and low maintenance costs as there is no need to paint.

Timber wagons

SSAB Weathering steel delivers hassle-free use over the life-cycle of the wagon. High-strength steel can increase the load capacity. In case of paint damage, the patination process protects the steel.

Timber wagon

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