Webinar: SSAB Weathering can reduce maintenance costs of painted steel structures

Watch the webinar about reduced maintenance cost for painted weathering steel structures.

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While steel is vital for infrastructural development, it is also subject to damaging rust when exposed to alternating atmospheric cycles. This creates maintenance challenges, especially when the steel is painted.

In 2012, SSAB began testing painted samples of SSAB Weathering steel in a harsh outdoor environment, in order to evaluate how the steel would withstand corrosion when compared to conventional painted steel. The results, which were collected in 2018, exceeded expectations. Although the painted surface was scratched down to the steel, exposing the steel surface, the steel was able to withstand the corrosion. 

This webinar will present SSAB Weathering steel, a durable, corrosion-resistant steel. Its unique chemical composition allows it to develop a protective patina layer from this rust, shielding the steel from further harmful exposure, while also providing incredible paint retention, as well as a unique finish. This results in reduced maintenance costs, regardless whether the steel is painted or not.

The webinar will address topics, such as: 

• How SSAB Weathering steel forms its protective patina layer during the oxidation process.
• How effective painted SSAB Weathering steel is in resisting degradation and retaining paint within a corrosive environment (with results from the six-year corrosion test).
• Real-world applications of SSAB Weathering steel and customer cases where SSAB Weathering steel was used, such as the newly built rood over the Hashalom railway station in Tel Aviv.

At the end of the webinar there will be an Q&A-session.

SSAB Weathering painted steel structure

Our presenter

Speaker Robert F Wesdijk

Robert F. Wesdijk

Market & Sales Development

Hooked on steel since 1982, Robert has held many leading positions during his career, such 
as Marketing Director of the Benelux Sales Company for almost 15 years and Director of hot- and cold-rolled strip products. Today, as Senior Product Manager, Robert concentrates on Market & Sales Development and shares his passion for steel, steel solutions and sustainability with both customers and co-workers within SSAB.