The ultimate overlay plate combination

The advantages of a composite overlay material with a harder base plate

Welding a hardfacing layer on top of a hard and strong base plate has distinctive advantages. One is that it makes the Duroxite® plate highly resistant to deformation from dynamic or static forces acting on the plate.

Another advantage is the hardness of the steel base plate. It will give a wear safety margin compared to using a mild steel base plate, if the hardfacing layer should be worn through.


Duroxite® 101 for sliding wear

Duroxite® 101 is a chromium carbide overlay plate for sliding wear with Hardox® 450 as base plate. Duroxite® 101 is available in thicknesses between 6 and 32 mm.


Duroxite® 201 for severe sliding wear

Duroxite® 201 has complex carbides as the hardfacing layer and is suitable for severe sliding wear environments. Duroxite® 201 has Hardox® 450 as base plate and is available in thicknesses between 6 and 32 mm.


Find the right Duroxite® for your application

Duroxite® 101 and Duroxite® 201 are suitable for a wide range of wear applications and industries. The full Duroxite® portfolio contains several other products – plates, pipes, pins and welding consumables. To learn more about where and when Duroxite® makes your equipment work harder and last longer, contact us.


5 times longer service life with Duroxite® 101

Application: Drum mixer in concrete plant

Wear part: Paddles

Benefit: Replacing 1” polyurethane paddles with Duroxite® 101 6 mm on 10 mm Hardox® 450 (¼” on 3/8”) results in 5 times longer service life.

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