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The fast track to innovative tippers. Complete, ready made tipper kits - directly to you.

Advanced high strength steel (AHSS) and wear resistant steel are natural choices for many tipper manufacturers looking to improve their products, and to be more competitive. Its use allows for the development of lightweight solutions, with higher performance, which directly translates to financial savings and less CO2 emissions. However, even with all of the benefits, upgrading can be a challenge.

Investment in expensive processing machines is one common barrier. Another is a lack of production capacity or engineering resources. Then come time constraints – and the need for introducing new and premium products to the market as quickly as possible.

If you are a tipper manufacturer experiencing any of these hurdles, there is a better way.

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SSAB steel

Upgrading made easy

SSAB Shape delivers complete, ready-made tipper solutions and kits directly to you. Combining SSAB premium steel products and specialized service centers around the globe, Shape opens the doors to entirely new possibilities for increasing your productivity and avoiding large investments in processing machines.

SSAB Shape tipper kits makes upgrading easy. They allow you to reduce risk and upgrade your product offering with tippers made from Hardox® wear resistant steel and Strenx® performance steel, two premium and world-leading steel brands from SSAB. They also help to quickly build your market presence and recognition, while receiving support from SSAB to increase your competence in AHSS. Discover how SSAB Shape tipper kits work for you.

Premium tippers

SSAB Shape tipper kit body designs are the result of both steel and design expertise that utilizes the full potential of high strength steel. They are designed from Hardox® wear plate that gives better wear resistance, higher payload and longer service life. They also utilize Strenx®, a renowned high-strength, high-performance structural steel that allows for stronger, yet lighter and more sustainable products.

The kits are delivered in easy-to-assemble, pre-fabricated parts with a minimal requirement for welding. There is no need for the purchasing of a press brake to process the high strength steel, hiring many engineers or running technological tests. Just receive, assemble and go-to-market with a product made from well-known and trusted SSAB brands, which gives you the option to apply for the Hardox in my Body program membership for the most advanced producers using Hardox in their products.

SSAB Shape tipper body kit

Service degrees

SSAB designed tipper kits are available in three different general designs, each applicable for use in different environments.
SSAB steel light duty


  • Up to 150mm
  • light fractions for transport (sand, small particles gravel)
SSAB steel medium-duty


  • Up to 300mm
  • Medium fractions for transport (medium gravel and stones)
SSAB steel heavy duty


  • From 300 mm up to xx
  • Suitable for open pit mines (not applicable for road transport)

Kit types

An SSAB Shape tipper body solution can be delivered as one of three kit types.
SSAB steel illustration


  • All wear parts made of Hardox®
  • All structural parts made of Strenx®

Parts that are not included must be manufactured or bought externally by the customer.

SSAB steel illustration


  • All wear parts made from Hardox®
  • All structural parts made from Strenx®
  • All complimentary parts made from other SSAB steels
  • Support documentation

Parts that are not included must be bought externally by the customer.

SSAB steel illustration


  • All wear parts made from Hardox®
  • All structural parts made from Strenx®
  • All complimentary parts made from other SSAB steels
  • All parts that are bought from external vendors
  • Support documentation

All parts required for the tipper body are included in this kit.

Easy assembly

Support documentation is available for each tipper body including welding instructions, step-by-step assembly instructions, assembly drawings with measurements and part placement. SSAB Shape also offers technical training and assembly support, where welding fixtures can be provided as a part of the delivery.

Smart logistics

SSAB Shape tipper body solutions are delivered quickly and conveniently, in a single shipment that contains your entire kit, ready for assembly. This smooth supply chain means a onestop-shop for innovative tippers.

SSAB steel tipper

Tipper kits benefits

  • Drastically reduce your time to market. 
  • Increase your savings compared to traditional, organic development. 
  • Minimize your risk – and your investments. 
  • Get premium tipper solutions with steel from world leading brands. 
  • Eliminate the need for machines to process wear resistant and advanced high strength steel. 
  • Gain service and support from experts in wear resistant and advanced high strength steel. 
  • Innovate your product offering without investing in development.

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