SSAB Domex
SSAB Domex - Optimized for you and structures

Optimized for you and structures

SSAB Domex® is a wide range of versatile structural steels that deliver excellent cold forming, machining and welding performance. SSAB Domex® grades undergo inspection at several points during production to ensure they comply with our rigorous quality requirements for mechanical properties and dimensions.

Designed to meet your highest expectations

If other steels give you a hard time, try SSAB Domex®. It’s optimized to improve your production and end-product performance.

SSAB Domex® optimized for you

  • Consistent product quality
  • Excellent cold forming properties
  • Narrower tolerances
  • Improved workshop efficiency
  • Wider welding process window
  • Metal coated grades
  • Zinc, Galfan and Galvannealed coatings
  • More satisfied customers
  • High availability
  • Short delivery times


Hot rolled plate SSAB Domex

Hot rolled plate


Hot rolled strip SSAB Domex

Hot rolled strip


Cold rolled strp SSAB Domex

Cold rolled strip


Metal-coated SSAB Domex

Metal coated


Tubes and Sections SSAB Domex

Tubes and sections

SSAB Domex narrow tolerances

Narrow tolerances

SSAB Domex® is guaranteed to have more narrow tolerances than most standards.

SSAB Domex® guarantee
SSAB Domex high productivity

High productivity

SSAB Domex® always has predictable performance in all kinds of mechanical and thermal processing.

Workshop performance
SSAB Domex support included

Support included

SSAB Domex® includes easy access to expertise and technical support. 

More on support
SSAB Domex delivered as you like

Delivered as you like it

SSAB Domex® is available in a wide range of grades, dimensions and thicknesses to suit your production.

Product range

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