PileCalc – Fully renewed design tool for SSAB steel piles

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45 Min

PileCalc, the design program for SSAB steel piles has renewed totally. The new version of the program is web based application and it doesn’t require any installations to workstation. The program calculates the structural buckling resistances of SSAB steel piles in different soil conditions as well as geotechnical design resistances and it also defines the required results for dynamic load tests (PDA). The design is done according to Eurocode design standards, their National Annexes and country specific national design guidelines.

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In this webinar we will present the use of the new version, differences and updates to old version, including

  • Introduction of the new version
  • Biggest differences compared to old version
  • Registration, signing in, projects and calculation models
  • Available pile types and structure types
  • Basic calculation of piles
  • Results
  • Printouts

Antti Perälä

Technology Manager, SSAB

Antti Perälä is responsible for the technical support of SSAB's Steel pile products. Antti has Master's degree in structural engineering and has many years of experience in construction engineering and geotechnical design. He lectures part-time at the Faculty of Built Environment at the University of Tampere. In his daily work, he also holds seminars for customers and designers both in Finland and elsewhere in Europe.