Weldability of weathering steels

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45 Min
Webinar: Weldability of weathering steels

Weathering steels have superior atmospheric corrosion resistance compared to conventional carbon steels. This webinar will explain best practices for welding SSAB Weathering steels.

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In this webinar, we will explain how SSAB Weathering steels can be successfully welded even though they are more alloyed than conventional structural steels.

Watch the webinar live on May 30, 9–9.45 AM CET. The webinar is free of charge and everyone who registers will receive a link to the recording afterwards. In the live webinar, you will have an opportunity to ask questions.

During the the webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Weathering grades manufactured by SSAB and how their differences affect welding procedures
  • Preheating needs and guidelines
  • t8/5 recommendations
  • Welding consumables for matching weathering steels’ patinas and base metal strengths

Johannes Sainio

Welding Specialist, Knowledge Service Center

Johannes has several years of practical experience in the technical field and currently he is working at Knowledge Service Center of SSAB Europe as a Welding Specialist.