How to choose the correct 355 steel and what to consider

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50 Min

“I want S355 steel”, this is one of the most common comments to the SSAB technical support team. SSAB has more than 30 standard steel grades with yield strength 355 and several hundred versions.

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SSAB and Tibnor invites you to this webinar, intended for product designers, production engineers, purchasers, and students. Our Technical Development Manager, Erkki Krankkala will give guidelines of suitable 355 steel grades for different applications and production methods and give an overview of standards to consider. The webinar is in English.

Gintaras Kancleris, Sales Manager at Tibnor, will also talk about 355 steel grades available in the standard stock and the fabrication services like bending, cutting, shot blasting, painting and more offered by Tibnor.

Examples of topics covered in the webinar:

  • Guidelines of suitable 355 steels for different applications and production methods
  • The difference between standard 355 steel and the higher quality 355 steels offered by SSAB and sold as SSAB Laser, SSAB Multisteel and SSAB Domex
  • Cost savings and increased workshop productivity achieved when using higher quality 355 steel grades
  • Overview of all 355 steel grades offered by SSAB
  • Overview of standards covering 355 grades
  • Tibnor standard stock of 355 grades and manufacturing services offered by Tibnor

At the end of the webinar there is a question and answer session where you can ask questions to the experts.


Erkki Krankkala

Technical Development Manager

Erkki Krankkala has worked in sales and technical support both in Rautaruukki and SSAB totally already 36 years. At the moment he works with SSAB Europe as a Technical Development Manager and his responsibility area is Finland and Baltic Countries helping customers with hot rolled, cold rolled and metal coated products.


Anti Metsamaa


Anti Metsamaa has worked in Sales starting from 2004. Currently Anti is responsible for SSAB Europe Sales in Baltic countries. SSAB Europe products include hot rolled, cold rolled, hot dip galvanized, color coated, tubes and sections sales in region.


Gintaras Kancleris


Gintaras Kancleris has worked in Sales starting from 2013, is responsible for Tibnor sales in Lithuania. Tibnor keeps on stock locally and sells SSAB Europe hot rolled, cold rolled, hot dip galvanized flat products, some tubes, profiles.