Bridges in weather-resistant steel – can it be a sustainable, profitable and safe choice?

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55 Min

Brosamverkan and SSAB invite you to a webinar where we answer questions and present sustainable solutions of the future for bridges in weather-resistant, weathering steel. These are esthetically pleasing bridges with low maintenance costs and a reduced environmental impact.

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We also talk about SSAB’s initiative to manufacture fossil-free steel and the revolutionary transformation that is planned to complete as early as 2030.

The webinar will cover topics such as:

  • What is weather-resistant steel?
  • Suitable steel grades and standards to consider
  • Experiences from 90 bridges in Finland – exposed to salt for 40 years
  • Why weather-resistant steel is a good choice for the environment
  • Important considerations when designing a bridge in weather-resistant steel
  • Lower lifetime cost with weather-resistant steels
  • What is fossil-free steel and when will it be available?

About Brosamverkan

Brosamverkan is a non-profit industry organization formed in Gothenburg in 1990. Brosamverkan works actively on skills development, dissemination of knowledge, exchange of experience and technological development in the infrastructure industry. We do this by organizing Brobyggardagen (Bridgebuilder Day) annually, awarding grants for research and development and by arranging study visits, study trips and seminars.


Martin Laninge

Chairman of Brosamverkan
Martin has been working with bridges, tunnels and other infrastructure for more than 30 years. He has worked on a number of steel bridges as well as steel structures for floating offshore rigs.

Fredrik Lindqvist

MSc (Mechanical Engineering), SSAB

Fredrik has been working in technical support at SSAB since 2013. His job which involves helping our customers to develop their products, processes and material choices. Prior to this, he worked on the design and production of train carriages and on production engineering issues at a subcontractor to the automotive industry.


Marcus Augustsson

Regional Sales Manager, Heavy Plate
Marcus has been working at SSAB for 16 years, and for a total of 20 years in steel and sales. His current focus is on premium products in the heavy plate offering for the Swedish market. He also has experience from the international steel industry.