Execution Classes (EXC) with SSAB pile products

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45 Min
Execution classes for foundation projects

Execution Classes for pile products are not simple and straight forward topic. There are several execution standards, product standards and approvals to be considered. For example EN 1090-2, execution standard for steel structures, cannot be used directly since there are own execution standards for piling works.

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This webinar clarifies the use of execution standards with SSAB pile products, including:

  • where are the execution classes defined
  • what are the relationships between different standards
  • how execution classes have been implemented to different execution standards
  • what are the differences between execution classes

Antti Perälä

Technology Manager, SSAB

Antti Perälä is responsible for the technical support of SSAB's Steel pile products. Antti has Master's degree in structural engineering and has many years of experience in construction engineering and geotechnical design. He lectures part-time at the Faculty of Built Environment at the University of Tampere. In his daily work, he also holds seminars for customers and designers both in Finland and elsewhere in Europe.