Hardox® Wearparts, Duroxite® Overlays, and Strenx® Structural

We process Hardox® wear plates into custom-designed wear parts to meet our customers’ very specific needs for wear- and impact-resistance. For extreme sliding wear challenges, such as oil sands, we use Duroxite® overlay plates and hardfacing welding wire. And for strong, lightweight structural applications — ranging from trailer chassis to lift equipment — we use Strenx® performance steels.

Hardox® Wearparts

Hardox® Wearparts are famous for their hardness and toughness, enabling them to last longer – even several times longer – than other abrasion-resistant steels. Hardox® wear plate’s ability to withstand both abrasive wear and impacts makes it ideal for aggressive environments requiring very high abrasion resistance.

impact wear compared to sliding wear

Note that in addition to wear parts made from wear plates, we offer Hardox® Round Bars (e.g., for grizzlies).

Duroxite® overlays for extreme sliding wear

Duroxite® overlay plates are made by welding chromium carbides or complex carbides on top of a baseplate. This process creates excellent abrasion protection against sliding wear from exceptionally hard particles – including materials containing quartz. Unique to the overlay market, Duroxite® wear properties are guaranteed down to 75% of the hardfacing layer’s thickness, as opposed to just the surface of the layer. (The remaining 25% is the transition layer necessary to maintain good bonding to the baseplate.)

We can combine Hardox® wear plates with Duroxite® overlays. That way, you get Hardox® baseplate toughness combined with Duroxite® CCO extreme sliding wear protection. Yet another alternative is for either our welders or your welders to use Duroxite® overlay welding wire for hardfacing parts subject to severe sliding wear.

Duroxite® products include wear plates, pipes, pins, and welding wire.


Strenx® performance steels: stronger, lighter, better

Stronger steels let you use thinner gauges, saving materials, weight, space, and fuel. With grades ranging from 600 to 1300 MPa (tensile strength), Strenx® performance steels excel in trailer, vehicle, and equipment subframes and structures.


Toolox® premium engineering and tool steel

Toolox® steel grades are developed to save time when manufacturing all kinds of high-quality steel components, as well as ensuring that the final products deliver maximum performance, productivity, and service life. Available in metric sizes (only).